42 Volt Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Chargers with Western Connector

Western plug DPI golf cart charger
  DPI 4217West

42 Volt Golf Cart Battery Chargers

We carry a US built, 3 year warranty battery charger for 42 volt golf carts, typically the Western carts built on an EZGO chassis, or upgraded EZGO units. These typically use the grooved Powerwise type 48 volt EZGO connector. See the picture. This charger can be built with any of the typical golf cart connectors, if you have a different setup. Just call. Our chargers are the latest, microprocessor controlled units, with maintenance modes for maintaining your cart for days, weeks, or months after a charge is completed.

We break down charger types to moderate use, medium use, and heavy use. The higher the use, the higher the charger amp rate needed to assure full charge overnight. Moderate use would be a cart used around your small to medium property, running down to the mailbox, barn, etc. Medium use would be typical golf cart use - 9 to 18 holes of golf for instance. Heavy use (25 amps and up) would be hours a day, where the cart is deeply discharged. None of our chargers would hurt the batteries in any case.

We recommend charging routinely, rather than waiting until the batteries are discharged deeply, and leaving the charger plugged in when the cart won't be used for some time, or you are not sure. A lot of chargers are ordered when the customer actually has a battery issue - i.e. the cart was left sitting and the batteries discharged to the point where the charger won't recognize them, so it doesn't initiate a charge. Happens all the time in the spring time. See our Golf Cart Charging page, for this issue and others.

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