DPI 48 Volt 17 Amp STAR Golf Cart Battery Charger

    STAR Connector


    Any modification of charger, input cord, or output cord voids manufacturer warranty.

DPI 4817 charger STAR STAR Part#: DPI4817Star

Golf Cart Battery Charger
48 Volt 17 Amp STAR


The DPI 48 volt 17 Amp golf cart charger is an industrial 48 volt battery charger. The DPI series are heavy duty, microprocessor controlled, thermally protected battery chargers, encased in a heavy duty case. This 17 amp model for golf carts ships with the STAR connector installed. The STAR connectors look similar to 48 volt ClubCar connectors, but are NOT the same. The DPI series combine the reliability of a heavy duty transformer, with a microprocessor controller, for long term performance and proper battery management. With computer control, a quicker, more efficient charge cycle results in complete battery charge, better battery life, and less water loss in flooded batteries. This golf cart charger, goes into a maintenance mode when the charge is complete, for long term battery maintenance. The LED array on the charger case indicates status of charge, and there is a DC panel amp meter. The DPI series are made in the US, and feature a 3 year warranty. The DPI 48 volt 17 amp STAR cart charger is suitable for medium use 36 volt carts.

Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):10.5 x 7 x 8 Handle
Actual Weight:30.0 Thermal Protection
Ship Weight:32.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:115 VAC DC Panel Meter
DC Output:18 Amps 9 Foot DC Cord
Temp Range:32F to 113F Short Circuit Protected
Float Voltage:  LED Readout
Warranty:3 Years Made In USA

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