Golf Cart Receptacles

     EZ-GO Receptacles

EZGO D receptacle EZGO notched receptacle

EZ-GO 36 Volt "D" Receptacle
EZ-GO 42 & 48 Volt Notched Receptacle

     Yamaha Receptacles

Yamaha receptacle

Yamaha 48 Volt Receptacle

Golf cart receptacles. These do not include the wiring harness. Currently we have two EZ-GO connectors (36 volt "D" and 48 volt notched, also used with 42 volt Western carts), and the 1996 and later 48 volt Yamaha receptacle for the 'MAC' type charger plug. We are working on ClubCar, and other cart type receptacles, and harness kits. The Anderson connectors are the same on the charger cord and in the cart - no male and female.

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