We have used the patented pulse technology (as opposed to some charging companies that promote a generic ‘pulse’ stage for their chargers) for years, and when properly selected and applied, it does what they say it will, without involving chemicals. There are battery charger/desulfator units, solar powered desulfators, multi-bank desulfator/maintainers, and desulfating-only units, as well as high end military units, but for forklift applications, the PowerPulse modules, which permanently attach to the batteries, are what we use. The units are generally used on smaller amp hour batteries than typically used in forklifts, so take somewhat longer to desulfate, but they do work. So check out our selection, or call with specific applications or questions about lead acid battery restoration, also known as battery desuphation.

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PowerPulse 12 Volt Desulfator

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PulseTech Desulfation (Desulphation) Technology

Lab and field tests by individuals, companies and government agencies around the world have proven that Pulse Technology works. It is literally the most effective method available for ensuring lead-acid battery performance, increasing battery efficiency and reducing battery-related costs. In 1995, PulseTech™ applied their technology to a full line of innovative and unique products designed to make batteries stronger so they will work harder and last longer than ever before. Today, they offer over 60 products designed to help you reduce battery-related problems and costs. While we only stock the products on our website, we have access to all PulseTech items.

To get an idea of exactly how important pulse technology is to the performance of all your vehicles, consider this: The main cause of vehicle failure is battery failure due to sulfation buildup on the battery plates. And Pulse Technology prevents sulfation buildup. In most cases, your battery is still good. You just can't reach the energy inside. That means you have to buy another battery even though the one you have may still be usable. PulseTech products help prevent this problem -- once and for all.

How PulseTech™ Products Make Batteries Stronger

PulseTech products connect directly to the battery. They emit a pulsating dc current that removes the sulfate deposits from the plates and returns them to the battery acid as active electrolyte. When installed permanently, these products also help keep sulfates from building up again so your battery is in peak condition all the time. In most cases, some of these products even help renew dead batteries already suffering from sulfation buildup and help bring them back to life.


Here's how it works : Figure A: Lead-acid batteries work by releasing energy through an interaction that occurs between the positive and negative lead plates and the lead sulfates in the electrolyte.
Figure B: Sulfation buildup occurs as lead sulfates form on the battery plates during the normal charge/discharge cycles. During this process, some of the sulfates enlarge to the point where they won't accept energy so they stay on the plate. Over time, these sulfates can build up until they reduce efficiency and the battery dies.
Figure C: Pulse Technology works to prevent sulfation buildup by removing the sulfate deposits from the plates through a unique Ion Transfer process. The lead sulfates then return to the battery acid as active electrolyte. When connected on a regular basis, our battery maintenance systems will also keep the sulfates from building up again.
Figure D: Clean plates help the battery will perform at peak efficiency and battery life extends dramatically. Charge acceptance is greater so the battery recharges faster and with better quality. That means the battery charges to full capacity so more energy is available to your vehicle.

Get TRUE Battery Power

Pulse Technology works with all types of lead-acid batteries including sealed, gel cell and AGM. By keeping the plates clean, a battery charges faster and deeper so it works harder and lasts longer than you ever thought possible. It also has greater charge acceptance to recharge faster and release all of its stored energy. With more available energy, your vehicles last longer between recharges and your electronic accessories work better. You get the true power of your batteries.

These systems even help protect the environment. Longer lasting batteries reduce the danger of contamination caused by lead and sulfuric acid dumped from prematurely discarded batteries.

Unique Technology

What makes Pulse Technology so unique and so effective is the distinct pulse waveform that defines it. This waveform has a strictly controlled rise time, pulse width, frequency and amplitude of current and voltage pulse. No other battery maintenance system in the world has this specific waveform, which means no other system can provide the same exceptional benefits as PulseTech products. PulseTech supplies many of these products to the U.S. military, and has for some time.

Practical Applications

There are basically two types of desulfation devices we carry, what we will call active and passive, for lack of better terminology. An active device has the desulfation electronics incorporated into a charging or charge maintenance device, like a battery charger or solar maintainer. A passive device is the desulfation electronics unit which takes power from the battery pack and pulses it back with the desulfation waveform. This involves milliamp power amounts, and is usually negligible when considering battery discharge. We use the passive devices on forklift batteries.

The PowerPulse units are passive devices, in 12 through 48 volts. The PP-12-L also works on 6 volt batteries. Higher voltage systems can be wired in groups of these voltages. These permanently attach to the battery or pack with ring terminals, attaching to the positive of the first battery and the negative of the last battery, where system voltage is present. When used on new batteries, they keep sulfation from forming, and allow the batteries to attain a 100% charge when they are charged. On older batteries that may have sat or have sulfation issues, they slowly break down the sulfation molecules and allow increasing battery capacity, and generally extending the lifespan of a lead acid battery (not indefinitely). The PowerPulse is appropriate for golf carts, backup battery packs, forklifts, alternative energy storage banks (solar, hydro, wind, etc.), generator starting batteries, vehicle starting batteries, RV or marine starting or house batteries, and basically any other application using lead acid batteries - flooded, AGM, or true Gel. We like to use these on larger packs that may require some time, or any situation where AC power isn't available to use a plug-in charger/desulfator.

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